Stacker Cranes

Whether a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, optimum utilization of space by volume, rather than floor area for storage of material is critical. Where substantial volumes of raw material, components or finished goods need to be stored, a stacker crane facilitiates swift retrieval and stocking, offering an ideal solution. This is particularly pertinent in metros, with spiraling cost of land and construction or an existing facility where the existing space needs to be utilised.

ElectroMech stacker cranes can be customised to your requirement for optimum space utilization and efficient warehousing operations.

Indigenously designed and manufactured by ElectroMech, a stacker crane is a combination of an EOT crane and forklift. These systems offer several operational advantages such as narrower aisles as compared to the space required by a forklift to manoeuvre. The crane is supported by the racks themselves, hence no additional structure is required. Being electrically operated, no harmful exhaust fumes are emitted onto the work environment; further, there is no down time required to charge batteries. The structe of the system, with a crane mounted on the racks, is inherently safe, with no danger of tipping over.

ElectroMech stacker cranes have been supplied to several clients across the globe.