Single Girder

ElectroMech manufactures Single Girder Overhead Cranes in SWLs ranging from 250kg to 20MT in different configurations. Typically, beam or box type main girders are used depending on the span of the crane. A castellated girder structure can also be employed to save weight or to reduce the effect of wind forces for outdoor duty cranes. We specialise in custom built long span cranes where finite element analysis is used to optimise the natural frequency and design a robust structure for smooth operation.

These cranes can be offered with a range of standard electric wire rope hoists or chain hoists depending on the your requirement. Low headroom hoists are used where vertical space is at a premium to achieve maximum lift. Precise control of all motions is achieved through Variable Frequency Drives.Additionally, we also supply Single Girder Cranes in a ‘torsion box’ type arrangement, featuring a cantilever mounted ABUS hoist.