Gantry cranes or Goliath Cranes are very versatile cranes used typically for activities in steel stock yards, pre-cast segment yards, construction sites and other outdoor applications. They are also the right material handling solution in cases where the existing factory structure cannot bear the wheel loads of an overhead crane; loads need to be handled outside the crane span as in the case of an overhang on either side of the rails or where there is a requirement to relocate the crane after work at a particular site is completed. ElectroMech Gantry cranes have proven themselves to be robust and more than capable of with standing the rigours of a variety of applications from steel yards to construction sites.

ElectroMech manufactures gantry cranes in Single Girder and double Girder configurations depending on the requirement. These cranes can be completely customized for SWL, span, lifting height, speeds and class of duty depending on the application. Hoisting is through standard hoists for Single Girder Gantry cranes. For Double Girder Gantry cranes, either a standard ABUS crab or a fully customized open winch type crabs is used. They can also be provided with multiple hoisting trolleys running on the same bridge or auxiliary hoisting mechanisms on the main trolley. Precise control of all motions is achieved through Variable Frequency Drives. Depending on the site requirement, power supply is through a cable reeling drum or an on board generator for outdoor gantry cranes.