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EMPOWER :2014-15

Take My Word !

Dear customers, colleagues,

business associates and well wishers of ElectroMech,

After a faint glimmer of hope of recovery in the Indian industry, the reality on the ground is yet to change. While all indications do point to a surge of growth in the overall economy, the exuberance is still not translating into hard core business. However, as I have always maintained, exciting times are ahead for all of us and we are happy to be your partner in helping you 'handle' this growth.

Continuing our saga of supplying top-notch highly engineered cranes for the nuclear industry, we cover in this issue the latest single-failure-proof crane that we recently supplied to Nuclear Power Corporation. This crane has so many intricacies in its design, that after having successfully designed, manufactured and tested the crane, our pride knows no bounds.

Our quest to achieve excellence on a global level continues. We have recently executed a prestigious order for Siemens for one of their power plants being executed in Philippines. The reason that this makes us proud is that we won this order in a global tender and were pitted against crane suppliers from all over the world.

We have managed to make a niche for ourselves in the construction industry by providing unique solutions that cater to the ever changing requirements of customers in this industry. Hence, in our cover story we are proudly showcasing unique modular castellated cranes that we have supplied to Gammon India for two of their prestigious projects. The uniqueness lies in the fact that the customer can use the same crane in four different configurations, thus allowing him complete flexibility and helping him maximise the returns on his investment. Continuing on, Precast India is making great strides in the construction field by bringing in the precast methodology to the real estate industry and executing massive projects in record time. We are happy to note that ElectroMech plays a significant part in helping them execute their projects by providing vital handling support in their precast element factory.

The auto industry is extremely demanding in terms of equipment up time and safety. At ElectroMech, we have been supplying crane solutions to this industry for the past many decades. In this issue, we cover an application wherein our cranes were used by Bajaj Auto for one of their die shops. The challenges posed by safety requirements and the layout limitations were effectively overcome by ElectroMech. Furthermore, we are showcasing an operation that is unique to people in the pressing industry - die tilting - which can be done effectively and safely using our cranes fitted with auxiliary hoisting mechanisms.

Cranedge continues in its tradition of providing top-notch service support to the customers. Response time of any service organisation is a key to its success and customer satisfaction. We are proudly showcasing in this issue the work that Cranedge did for Inox Wind in the aftermath of an unfortunate fire breakout in their blades factory. The cranes that were completely destroyed in the fire were repaired and put back in working condition in an extremely short timeframe and the customer was able to resume effective production with least down time.

Such excellence demonstrated by Cranedge was recognised by an award from ‘Manufacturing Today’ for Excellence in Service. But the awards saga doesn’t end here as ElectroMech managed to get a lot of other awards as well adding to the feathers in its proverbial cap.

Zoomlion ElectroMech continued on its path of gaining leadership in the Tower Cranes market of India and secured one of the single largest Tower Cranes order up for grabs in the Indian market. The cranes have already been supplied and have been deployed on the project sites of Reliance Industries and ITD Cementation.

As always, I wish you all a happy reading and want to thank you all for your continued patronage of ElectroMech.


Tushar Mehendale Managing Director