EMPOWER :2014-15

Training for Thermax Ltd. Graduate Engineer Trainees

Team ElectroMech is always eager to share its knowledge with young engineers. As a part of this enthusiastic effort, a training programme for 15 Graduate Engineer Trainees (GETs) from Thermax was organised at ElectroMech in December 2013. The main objective of this training was to familiarise the GETs with cranes as well as expose them to the best manufacturing processes prevailing in the industry.

The training began with an introductory speech by Mr. AVR Murty, CEO, ElectroMech. This session consisted of an introduction to ElectroMech and its solutions offerings. This was followed by an introduction of the trainees to the basic nomenclatures and technical concepts of a crane and the various electro-mechanical components used in the design and manufacturing of a crane by Mr. Akash Kulkarni, Asst. Manager - Design and Mr. Ajit Bhosale, General Manager - QA, explained in detail the manufacturing processes at ElectroMech and the quality aspects involved in the manufacturing of cranes. This session involved information on various processes followed during the manufacturing of cranes and the quality and safety norms followed in our manufacturing facility. Mr. Raj Shrivastav, CEO - Cranedge, explained the maintenance of cranes and the importance of trained operators in an organisation.

The ElectroMech sales team played an important role in this training as the trainees were informed about various technical parameters for the selection of a crane. Mr. Vilas Kakade, Zonal Manager Sales, gave the trainees an understanding of the present crane market and took them through the steps of processing an order for a new crane. He was assisted by Mr. Onkar Rasal, Asst. Manager Sales - Pune region. Both of them have been mainly responsible for maintaining a successful business relationship with Thermax and for organising this comprehensive training.

The important aspect of this training was the exposure it offered to the trainees to the latest trends in manufacturing and the safety norms followed on our shop-floor.

The training programme proved to be a very enriching experience for the trainees. They were exposed to the best manufacturing processes in the early stage of their engineering career. The programme also strengthened the bond between ElectroMech and Thermax.