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EMPOWER :2014-15
Cranes of global standards

Siemens Power Generation entrusts ElectroMech to supply cranes
for their global projects

Siemens Power Generation is globally acknowledged for their competence in providing sustainable energy solutions, establishing power generation plants and providing related systems to the energy sector.

The project engineering team at Siemens was on the lookout for a competent solutions provider to meet their global requirements of process cranes and related auxiliaries up to 50MT capacity. Selection criteria for such a partner were obviously very stringent. After an initial assessment of several crane manufacturers, the Siemens team shortlisted ElectroMech. Subsequently, a top level delegation from Siemens visited the ElectroMech plant at Pune and conducted an in-depth audit

of our facility and had several interactions with our team to thoroughly evaluate our technical competence, manufacturing capability, quality processes & norms, concern towards the environment, health & safety norms and responsiveness to customer requirements. Extremely satisfied with our ability to meet their expectations, the team decided to select us as their partner for providing crane solutions. We are now an approved supplier to Siemens Energy Sector, Power Generation.

Siemens then immediately placed the first order for a double girder 20MT, 21m span gantry crane. This crane has been installed at the San Gabriel 450MW CCPP PROJECT - a power plant in Philippines.

Project highlights

Special requirements: Design as per FEM standards, materials as per European standards and final testing as per FEM standards.

Siemens had appointed Bureau Veritas as a third party assessor for the inspection of the crane from the raw material stage to the final stage.

The final inspection and testing of the crane as per European norms was overseen by Mr. Christian Plume from Germany on behalf of Siemens Energy Sector and the crane was accepted with Zero Non Conformity in the first go.

Special condition of Siemens was to offer the crane for load testing in its fully painted condition. The painting standard specified is of C5M Grade to ensure high corrosion resistance.Special packing with QR Code on each loose component sealed in VOC packing.

The Siemens team expressed its great satisfaction on the overall competency of the ElectroMech team in executing this project systematically to utmost perfection and in a time-bound manner. We now look forward to our contribution in the efforts of Siemens in meeting the global energy demand.