EMPOWER :2014-15

Cranedge team demonstrates it at Inox Wind
A friend in need is a friend indeed!

About Inox Wind

The Inox Group is a $2 billion, professionally usiness group with diverse business interests. The group has more than 100 business units across India and the distribution network spread across more than 50 countries around the world.

Inox Wind is an Inox Group company and a renowned name in the renewable energy sector. The company undertakes turnkey wind power projects and also supplies windmills for projects by other power companies. Inox Wind is a fully integrated player in the wind energy market with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants at Una (Himachal Pradesh) for hubs and nacelles and Rohika, near Ahmedabad (Gujarat) for blades and tubular towers. Inox Wind manufactures key components of the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) to ensure high quality, based on the most advanced technology, reliability of performanc e and cost competitiveness.

Background - Inox Wind, Rohika (Ahmedabad) plant

This world-class plant manufactures blades and tubular towers required for windmills. 10 overhead cranes integrate the handling requirements in this vast plant. Recently, in an unfortunate incident, this factory caught fire, gutting it along with the machinery, including the 10 overhead cranes.

Being a renowned manufacturer, Inox Wind is known for honouring their delivery commitments. After this unfortunate incident, the entire team at Inox Wind was determined to rebuild the facilities in the shortest possible time and adhere to the delivery commitments made to their customers.

The challenge

EOT cranes play a crucial role in the manufacturing process of blades and towers. It is near impossible to handle the long and heavy structures without EOT cranes. Considering this aspect, re-installing the cranes was among the top priorities for the Inox Wind team.

For this, they had two options, first to order completely new cranes and the second was to refurbish the existing cranes. Looking at the awful condition of the damaged cranes, the client team was about to rule out the repair option. While checking the shortest possible delivery period for the new cranes, they realised that it would take 8 to 10 weeks to manufacture, erect and commission these cranes. This was indeed too long a period to wait for. In order to meet the delivery commitments, it was imperative to start production in just 4 weeks.

Inox Wind, which has an AMC for all their cranes with Cranedge, shared its concern with the Cranedge team to see if they could offer a more suitable solution. Team Cranedge was on site the same day to assess the extent of the damage to the 10 cranes. They found that all the cranes were severely damaged and completely non-functional. The Inox team voiced its intention of installing new cranes, but also mentioned the hurdle of long delivery period and emphasised the need to make the plant operational within 4 weeks.

Refurbishing and restoring these completely damaged cranes was a great challenge and accomplishing it in just 4 weeks was a near impossible task. However, the Cranedge team decided to tackle the challenge head-on since that was the most viable solution considering the urgent need to restart production.

The mission

The suggestion to refurbish the cranes was put forth to the client. For the Inox team, the idea initially sounded over-ambitious. However, after knowing about Cranedge team’s proposed plan of action they cleared the project. From that minute, the entire team started working with breathtaking pace. The ElectroMech factory was intimated for the required spares to be despatched on a war footing with clear instructions for trucks to leave in a few hours with the first lot. Everyone from our global network was reached to source spares for the foreign make cranes. At Cranedge HQ, an urgent meeting of suppliers was called to request them to co-operate and supply customised items by working round the clock.

On site, several engineers were deployed from the next day. Schedules were set, work plans chalked out minutely. The teams were formed to work in rotation so that round the clock working could be possible. The excellent co-ordination, perfect planning and hard work of dedicated team yielded results on day 15 when 4 cranes were made operational. They were almost recreated using just frames, tested for full operation and handed over to the client for use in production. Everyone at Inox Wind was awestruck with this performance of the skilled team.

But, for Cranedge, it was not the end. The remaining 6 cranes were also brought to normalcy with equal enthusiasm and speed within the next 30 days.

Now the production at Inox is in full swing. Everyone is happy since the job was well done and in time. Everyone is assured of safety because it is done by team Cranedge.

No wonder, impressed with this performance, Inox Wind has awarded ElectroMech with another contract for 25 cranes for their new project coming up in Madhya Pradesh.