EMPOWER :2013-14

A ‘plate’ full of challenges

JSW Steel Ltd. is a well-known name in steel manufacturing in India. For their Tarapur plant, they were looking for a suitable system to handle steel plates and long steel beams. These steel plates and beams, on coming out from a rolling mill are stacked adjacent to the mill. The client was looking for a suitable handling system which can efficiently handle and shift these plates to a nearby location. JSW engineers approached ElectroMech to develop a suitable system for their unusual requirement. When our team studied the requirement, we discovered several challenges in the requirement. First of all, the long plates and beams necessitated hooking at two points to avoid swinging. The heavy loads up to 20MT demanded use of double girder cranes. The simplest solution would have been to provide 2 Double Girder EOT cranes which operate in tandem. But the space constraint in the plant ruled out the possibility of using 2 DG EOT cranes as this would reduce the long traverse span which would not have met the client's requirement.

As always, out-of-the-box thinking by ElectroMech design engineers provided a unique solution for this project challenge. We designed one 20 MT DG EOT crane with 2 hoists of 10 MT capacity each mounted on it. The hoists are placed 1 meter apart. This allows hooking at 2 different points and the possibility of jerks is completely eliminated. Specially modified ABUS hoists which work in tandem were used for this application. The use of only one DG EOT crane allows a higher span for long traverse, making optimum use of available shop-floor area, thus meeting the client's requirement. Also during routine operations, only one crane operator is required instead of two needed by the conventional system. Of course, using one crane of this type instead of two conventional DGEOT cranes has also reduced the equipment cost to the client.The JSW team was extremely satisfiedwith our ingenious solution and the delight further enhanced when we commissioned the system within just 6 weeks from the confirmation of the order.

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